Not All Floors Are Created Equal  Two floors may look exactly the same but are not necessarily the same.  As the old saying goes, be sure to compare apples with apples.  Find out the construction, the fiber, the manufacturers warranty and then compare price.   Because more times than not, customers think they are getting a deal when in reality they are not.  With a low quality product the customer will end up spending more over time when the floor needs to be replaced prematurely.

 Here at Jimmy Stuart’s, we only sell products that we can stand behind.  Unlike other companies we will not sell poor quality goods just to be the lowest price. 

 Quality Of Carpet Cushion  Do not overlook the importance of carpet cushion.  It is a shock absorber; allowing the carpet to bounce back when walked on resulting in an extended life of the carpet.  In addition, with the proper cushion, most manufacturers will extend the warranty of the carpet.  Remember to ask what type of cushion is included in your quote.

 Jimmy Stuart’s quotes only include the best cushion made available and suggested by the manufacturer.

 The Importance Of Installation  The installation is just as important if not more important than the quality of the floor.  Find out who will be installing your floor and the installation warranty of the store.  Find out if the store uses labor houses?  It is not wise to save on labor.  A floor can easily be ruined if installed improperly. 

Jimmy Stuart’s only uses their own installers and only hires the best in the business.

 True Value  Remember to consider the intangible value when making your decision.  In most cases the true value and savings cannot be measured by a calculator.  Will the company you choose give support throughout the lifetime of your floor?  Should your floor show signs of defect will the company handle the claim for you?   

Jimmy Stuart’s considers you a customer for life.   Jimmy Stuart’s is a company that cares and will not be satisfied until you are.

 Qualification Of Your Salesperson  A trained and knowledgeable salesperson is the key to finding the right floor for your individual needs.  Every room, every customer has a different need and depending on what that is will depend on the right product for you and how well the floor will hold up.

 Jimmy Stuart’s gives their sales staff the necessary, up to date, industry leading training.

 Deceptive Deals And Misleading Offers  Some companies offer attractive but deceptive deals.  For instance, the cost of installation may be reduced significantly but beware another item may be increased significantly.  Whenever comparing price always look at the bottom line.  The price can be broken up any which way such as free labor or free pad but the bottom line is the important number.  And as mentioned above, be sure you are always comparing apples with apples.

Jimmy Stuart’s has simple, honest pricing.

 Reputation  Research the reputation of the company you hire.